Ryan M Reynolds

DetailFrogsheadRainRemnantsBox CulvertA Few WeeksCity LightAlma SubmergedReservoirSchool KidsOaksClawContinuumWinter Crayfish
These paintings are based on a one year study of the Lexington Reservoir in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. The towns of Alma and Lexington were once the stopover point for passage through the mountains. In 1952 the Leniham Dam was built, submerging the remains of both towns.

This work explores the intersection between past and present. A painting evolves over time through a series of layers that both merge with and cover up previous observations and historical photographs. By departing from the static image of the traditional landscape, I explore the boundaries between light, space, form, and memory- conveying the passage of time and a sense of place. The painting acts as a reflection on the nature of our shared existence, individual perceptions and collective impressions.